Saturday, May 28, 2005

FoOoD List

Delivery, Delivery, Delivery.. Good for people with no cars LIKE MOI..
So i present to u the latest shopping list i ordered from the relatively cheap supermarket, ASDA.. (FYI, I Dont Cook, only in occasions, important ones that is)

Lindor milk chocolate (3)£ 9.84
Pasta shells (3)£ 1.02
Express rice basmati (6)£ 6.66
ASDA Extra Special sponge pudding - Belgian chocolate and caramel (1)£ 1.18
Tuna salad - 3 bean (3)£ 2.94
Light mayonnaise - squeezy (1)£ 1.28
Tomato ketchup (1)£ 1.38
Mineral water (3)£ 6.12
Sparkling white grape juice (2)£ 3.70
Cheerios - triple berry (1)£ 2.28
Brilliant Brunette shine release shampoo - chocolate (1)£ 4.26
Semi skimmed milk (3)£ 0.93
Danish white (1)£ 0.60
Good for you croissants (1)£ 1.06
Large white baps (2)£ 1.16
Beansprout and vegetable stir fry (1)£ 0.58
Good for you dressing - yogurt and mint (1)£ 0.64
Good for you garlic baguette (1)£ 0.66
Good for you vegetarian hot pot (1)£ 1.48
Good for you garlic mushroom tagliatelle (1)£ 1.74
Good for you chips (1)£ 0.98
ASDA Extra Special coleslaw (1) 1.68 pounds

P.S: Good For You is a line of special products of ASDA "Trade Mark"

subtotal: £ 51.17


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Wanted to share a photo of glasgow, the shot was taken at some main street in mid-town area. This street is my favourite for in it lies TGI FRIDAYS which is my ultimate addiction..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Life and us

My "long-time-no-see" drama and computer teacher (yes he was multi-talented bless him) told me once:
Life is just a gigantic play, we are all actors and we are all doing the roles that were allocated to us involuntarily, and obliged to complete it to the extreme like it or not.

Well he said it in arabic but above is the translation. donno if these are his words or he learnt them somewhere but i am glad he taught me that.
The reason i am mentioning this, is because i consider it something basic in my life. I believe we are like one huge family of dramatics, we entertain each other, or torture each other, we do whatever we want and life is probably laughing at us, or feeling sorry for us! who knows.

So ..yeaaaaah i acted in my teenage :) i guess i am multi talented too cos i can act, clone babies and much much more ;)

big shout out to my teacher M.S.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Eurovision 2005

BBC1 has just shown Eurovision 2005 song contest held in KYIV this year. I enjoy watching it every year specially when the commentator says (God Please Help Us) cos no one votes for UK hahaha..
Every year i hopeto see an arabic singer or something, this contest is not quitrent to Europe, apparently countries from the middle east and north africa can participate, Samira for example from morocco has taken part in 1980. It seems that a lebanese singer (Eline Lahoud) with her composer from the Rahbani family (forgot his first name) were supposed to take part but the reasons for her not appearing are still mystical to me.

So from the UK, the lovely Javine performed her (Touch My Fire) the arabic-tinged R&B song.

I really like turkish music too but today the singer produced some unnecessary noises and Cow-boy like screams!!! (hardly got points tonight)

Italy didnt take place :(

Israel had many supporters it seemed (so i KNEW they would win they got in the top 5)

The 24 performances were exciting and dance-full. the presenters though were (thqal dam) specially the lady.. i needed panadol after hearing her tone; she sure dont need a microphone.

1st place was given to: GREECE yay

The british commentator kept moaning (no body loves us) until the irish saved their butts AGAIN LOL (still they didnt even get in the top 20!!!!!!!)

Oh and ARSENAL won against MANCHESTER today! VIEIRA's conclusive goal (penalty) was candy to my eye:)

Saturday, May 21, 2005


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I took this picture during my last visit to Amsterdam. It reminds me of an area in salmiya actually; the way the billboards are fitted at the top of the buildings. no such thing can be seen in north england, only in the capitals i guess!

Friday, May 20, 2005


Why is it that everyone is getting a car in my department but not me?
Why do my housmates wanna learn how to play the guitar (in our house) all of a sudden?
Why is Rachid Taha only performing in london in his tour and not anywhere near my town?
Why do i have to put up with my very very noisy neighbours anymore?
Why are british TV programs so crap? laa and new Big Brother season is starting soon!! shai 7elo walla!!!!
Finally WHY do i always screw my interviews up by stuttering my answers and thinking too long about the SIMPLE QUESTIONS

ahhhhhh.. i want daddy and mommy now :P

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blank Mind

I am having one of these weeks.. in which i cant organize my thoughts and i just dont feel like working.. BAD NEWS cos my next week decides "literally" the upcoming 5 years or so!!

Went into our supermarket to get KitKat, on the back near the bar code it read (Remember you are not a salmon)
At first, (cos i was not wearing my contacts) i thought it said Solomon. so i thought why would anyone think they are king solomon!! have KitKat gone mad!!
when i read it again i realised its Salmon the fish.. still didnt make sense to me since my brain went o-so-blank.. hehehe
apparently it has to do with have a break , have a KitKat

I have a feeling that this is a british thing, i am sure u wont find such a KitKat in USA or KUWAIT :S

Monday, May 16, 2005

Head High

oOoh yeah
Democracy in KUWAIT is Complete NOW!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday Market

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Today the weather was amazZzing. so i decided to walk to town with my friend. she did alot of shopping bless her. over all we had fun. we later in the evening dined and wined without the wine hehehe. anyway there are another 3 photos so click on this one to c them ..
i took the pictures using my Nokia therefore the quality is not terrific :)


The British "Channel 4" has dedicated all last week to present a season of iranian films to celebrate iran's world acclaimed cinema. the movies were very deep in their meanings and consisted of short conversations but with lengthy description. i never watched an iranian movie before in my life so i really enjoyed these!
Now comes the main reason for my post and the best bit i guess.. it is the names of these movies!! you would think the director didnt even spend an hour probably trying to choose a name for his movie:
The Circle
The Apple
20 fingers
Where is my friend's house: the boy literally spent 2 hours looking for his friends house:)
Through the olive trees
finally, A moment of innocence

The season was hosted by Omid Jalili, a british-iranian stand up comedian who is MAGNIFICENTLY funny. if you all donno him, you will be seeing him soon as picasso in MODIGLIANI starring ANDY GARCIA

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Prayer Room

There was a place, where The Christians and The Muslims existed inrelative peace. Everyone was more or less happy, except for The Jews – who were few and had to be thankful to their Christian Overlords, for the littlespace they were accorded.

Then one day more Jews came, and it soon became apparent to them that they'd need their own space. So they got their own space – but atThe Muslims' expense. The Muslims of course are fuming.

The Jews feel they're perfectly within their rights. And The Christians are trying to take a back-seat and let the other two share the blame.

Qouted From the Scottish Play "the prayer room"

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

God Ads

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This is one of the 10 Ads i recieved by email. Those Ads apparantely helped increasing the number of church attendants in singapore.
You can see the whole ten of them by clicking on the photo, hopefully it will take you to my flickr account.
update: i am going to remove them now cos i dont have a copy right, not that i am being tracked or anything! but i am an intellectual property person and this collides with my principals ;)

Monday, May 09, 2005


Oh GOD, i really miss kuwait in a strange way. I dont see myself living any other where in the world.
With all the insanity you find in q8 (in every aspect of life), still if you really love her, you would miss everything about her, even the god damn crazy drivers who are better at swearing than driving.
Finding stupid people is possible everywhere, mind you in kuwait there is loads of them.
But i am talking about Q8, the sea, the desert, my house, the streets, me alone in the car driving my sister to school and enjoying watching people's actions and how everybody get on with their lives.
All the diseases in the world hit me when i leave q8 because my lungs are trained to only breathe her air.

in the name of the merciful lord

Never thought i would have the time to have my own blog. finally though, i created one.
i think it will be handy for many occasions.
i wish me happy blogging experience.