Monday, September 25, 2006

I am useless..بالعربي ماكو فايدة

Today, i proved myself that i dont know how to keep a certain relationship going fine! my problem is that i cant lie, people can find out easily that i am lying "IF i did so"!! so i tell the truth because it is easy, but again it is not always ok with some sensitive poeple which equally at the end i just ... lose them forever!! The problem is a problem when those people matter to u..
So, do u lie or tell the truth! umm it dont matter it gives the same god damn resulttttt.

Alwatan this morning published an article on page 70 talking about the five future voting districts, specifically how all the future candidates have rushed to spread their greetings for Ramadan through bill boards all over the 5 constitution-determined districts. the part i liked :) was how it said it in arabic
حيث افاق اهالي منطقة الجهراء بدائرتيها مثلا على لوحات تهان لأعضاء الرابية و العمرية, فيما تعرف اهالي جليب الشيوخ و صباح الناصر الى لوحات جاءتهم من الجهراء... الخ الخ

Pretty expected needless to say!

The part that all "nabeeha 5" group is sure of is :)
و يبدو انه و من خلال نظام الخمس دوائر فأن الرقع سوف يزيد على الراقع على الكثيرين ممن كانت تكلفهم حملاتهم الأعلامية أقل مما ستكلفهم عند التعامل مع مناطق اوسع جغرافيا و اكثر عددا

Finally, programs in Ramadan while living abroad seemed more appealing than the trash they are showing this month! thank god i have so many shifts where i work that hardly allow me enough time to eat and pray!!