Sunday, May 13, 2007

Should i worry??

One of the girls i work with is into witch craft, yes you read it correctly, no kidding really.

Of course i dont give a shit about her and me and her are not friends whatsoever, but again this is whats worrying me, cos she is be-friending my best friend these days and i fear that she might be after some of my things, i also fear that my friend un-intentionally may give her something, like information about me or anything,,

I hate being around her, mind you i hate going to work alltogether now..
If she is surrounded by "spirits" she will know i am writing a post about her.... looooooool cant help but laaaaaugh!!!! !!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

not your "night" pal

The Merc
Originally uploaded by iamF.
So the owner of this car decides to stop no other where in the wide land of kuwait, but opposite to my balcony, to answer to his "natures call"
well unfortunately for him i got him on my camera and i would like to send him a note " umm eww and mcdonalds is really 3 minutes drive away!!!"