Sunday, July 30, 2006

جيل واعي

جيل واعي
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I watched this play on friday the 28th but i didnt intend to blog about it because there is nothing to say..
Nevertheless the brochure was laying here for 2 days, so i scanned it and i ........ am blogging about it.
This is my second or third theatre experience in kuwait, this play was purely intended for the aid of Lebanon, trust me that is the ONLY reason why i went.
Otherwise, with my respect to all the "actors" it was HORRIBLE
I never heard the word fiel "elephant" so many times in my life like i did in this hour long play..

The main character is an obvious "abdel hsain abdel reda" wannabe..
I am not adding more, i just wanna say that i am glad the money is going for a good cause but those guys need MORE drama classes..

I hate my work place

I resent my boss so much.
I dont wish her well at all, thanks to her i am full of evil thoughts..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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according to "al anba'a" newspaper
kuwait = 1 million kuwaiti out of a total of 3 million

700 000 arabs "different nationalities"
16 000 americans
10 000 european
4 000 african
1000 australian "have not come accross a single one so far lol"
and the rest are ASIANS... which is 1 million and 250 000 almost

Sunday, July 09, 2006

No he didnt!!!!!!

i am sad for france

1998- France
2002- Brazil
2006- Italy

Friday, July 07, 2006

how i woke up today!!!

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@ 5:30 am, 7th of July, an explosion was heard when heavy black smoke clouds wrapped the windows of the homes of this area.. minutes later sirens of police and ambulance cars were heard coming closer.. homicide investigators followed!! it was un real..

I am still trying to analyze what could have happened.. all i know is that there was a cayenne porche less than half a meter away that was miraclly saved from catching the flames..

From what i saw, the fire must have started in the car on the right of the picture" BMW in my guess", then the flames spread to reach what seems to be a grand marques probably!!!

Seeing the cars from the inside, felt like watching one of those assasination on tv!!!

Of course after what i read on "kuwaitjunior" blog this morning, about ruining wood work near "Khaled Al mutairi's" house.. you can imagine the first thought that came to my mind......