Friday, November 16, 2007

I am so lonely

I am homesick..
I found my first boyfriend ever "high school" on facebook, we chatted for so long about what happened in our last 7 years since we parted.. it feels real good to be able to be friends now..

I am longing for someone whome i should stop thinking about cos its so wrong, and a third person is trying to get close to me and i am sort of allowing them "being extra super scared about it", with all this taking place, i still feel so lonely and i just wanna cry.

Damn, i remember the last time i was feeling like this, it was in the UK "2 years ago", and even though i was deeply in love with my boyfriend over there, i still had those moments.

I am worried that i will never be secured emotionally,, and i am more worried what that will mean if i ever decided to get married!!