Thursday, August 30, 2007

dismantling my car

dismantling my car
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like ever, i take my car into "wakala" to get something adjusted then i find out they are fixing an irrelevant piece, i walked in and took pictures of my old AC panel, was not this dirty before the workers handled it :P

BTW, it originally went in for adjusting the stereo panel, they did not do that, they instead changed the AC panel...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Finally Its August

It seemed july was endless, i hated July this year, it held alot of stresses for me.. August means going away for me & me familia, my flight is in 11 days "may god give me patience"

I have a new boss starting today, although he seems a bit strict religiously, i actually like him already cos he is not like any other director i met in kuwait. He is extremely bad in remembering names!!!

A quote of what he said to us today " what you see here you never go out and spread any news about it outside these doors, even if you see your sister here, you never go and tell your own brother that your sister came here, it is this much, you can go to court for that " blimey,,, apparently it did happen to someone before for real!!!

non related: i constantly thank GOD for designers & computer experts, without those two i would be completely lost..