Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Favourite Surah!!

This post might sound weird, but i was talking to a new "revert" to the islamic faith, and he was asking me: what is your favourite surah in the quran?

I with wide open eyes did not have an answer! so i tried to break away from the answer and said confidently : you cannot love one surah only, you have to love the whole book!

Thinking i was clever in my answer he said: duh, i know you have to love the entire book, but i mean personally, you gotta have a certain desire to read a specific surah, dont you?

I thought about it and i said : i actually donno which one is my fav.!

I asked him back and he said "mariam"

I thought : really, yeah it is actually a wonderful story of how Zakaria finds her with food in her room, i always was amazed by "jesus's" story anyway.

Went home, opened the holy quran, tried to read the index to see which surah do i actually like, and it hit me:

It is surat YOUSEF ; i love that surah, because i think i like his AMAZING story, i enjoy reading it over and over again, it is just awesome and i never get bored of it. of how he became the king of egypt and refused betraying his master, i love reading it cos it is exciting to read..
whoever knows arabic, would know how superb is the phrasing of that surah!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005


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One of the nice cities that i have visited. Their accent is almost impossible to understand, it is more of something else than english !!!

Turning into something different though, i wanna point out the following:
Thursday 7july: london attack
Thursday 14july: graduation
Thursday 21july: going to kuwait for good
(3 important events of my life in 21 days LOL)

I also wanna draw your attention to an interesting thing; i always travel on the weird days, i swear, read the following to understand:

1. I flew from Q8 to UK @ 12 september (one day after the attack)
2. I flew from UK to Q8 the day saddam was captured
3. I flew from Q8 to venice on the day of "USA/Iraq" war

What is it with my flights and history!! LOOL it is really weird..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Q's Tag

By sweet Hibba

1. what does love mean to you?
love is the portentous feeling of 2 souls becoming 1, in feeling & in purpose, attended by deep bonds of desire and respect.

2. what does marriage mean to you?
it is the official paper that states the legality of the above LOL

3. do you believe in love @ first sight?
crush @ first sight yeah.. love needs 3 or 4 years with me !!

4. how many children would you like?
inshalla 3, but there is room for negotiation.

5. what song would you sing on your wedding day?
ooooooooh, with a horrible voice like mine? well if i had a nice one i would choose something by mariah carey.

6. favourite holiday destination?
i prefer not to say where :( it is a country that we cannot go to anymore.. oh well.

7. three qualities you look for in a man?

8.a. three qualities you have?
when i love, i love from all of my heart
i am a life saver and never turn my back to anyone
i forgive very quickly

8.b. three bad habits you have?
too sensitive
sometimes stubborn
cant organise my time

9. previous relationships?
one that did not work, but now al 7amdilla i am doing fine :)

10. where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
if still alive, then i see myself married and working in the ministry of interior in kuwait.
oh and maybe have my own house in Shwaikh ;)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Late Post

I am having hectic time with my mom and sister cos they are here to attend my graduation ceremony "Thursday"..
But i was meant to post something about how the 12th was a special day, in-fact extra super special for me!!

I met 2 stunning girls in Oxford street in london, and i mean SSTTUUNNIINNGG

You just cannot not fall in love with them ..

Shopaholic, hope u went to work today and that u were alright :)

Shopaholic and Hibbalicious, I absolutely did not have enough of you and cant believe how time has gone fast..

Love ya from the bottom of my heart..

Monday, July 11, 2005

Heat Wave

Heat Wave
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Dear LORD, this heat wave hitting the UK is truly hotttttt..
Not only people have gone naked sunbathing outdoors, it is also preventing me from getting my sleep @ night "hence i am writing this now"..

I cant find words to describe the Sauna we are experiencing!!

So i really hate staying in my room now, therefore lesser time on the internet, and therefore no posts.

No matter what i do with this room it is still HOT. I open the window as WIDE as it can go, but i get more insects and flies than the much needed breeze!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

London !!

This is almost unreal !!

Hibba thanks for your concern, i called my best freind who lives and works in central london, and he was 15 minutes late in replying my text so i thought if anything happens to him god forbid i will kill myself..

I am still coming to london on monday,,
i am still in complete shock
London is paralyzed..

Ya allah.. SIGH

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


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A name of a movie that i made a special trip to see today, of course i did not regret it for a second.

As you might know already, i am interested in palestinian politics and i am a member of the PSC (palestinian solidarity campaign). The story was about one specific family and the events that they went through.

This movie is absolutley astonishing, fantastically honest and OF COURSE nerve wrecking! i did not cry (although i was prepared to) but i surely teared.

Obviously today i was the only arab in the theatre so i am the only one who did not read the subtitles ;), but i peaked @ them @ some points because i wanted to see how accurate is the translation of the dialogues.

The direction was done by MOHAMMED BAKRI but the production is purely italian.

Pls check online reviews for more details, it is one amazing piece of work.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bits AnD Pieces AGAIN

Damn, it is sooo hard to tell someone that you dont love them!! specially if they fell in love with you in 1998!!

At the same time, it is true what they say, you always go for the wrong person, the heart is such an idiot muscle "sometimes", it can completely desire the wrong ones!!

If only my heart was able to love that person, i know he will treat me like a queen!! But NOOO, i go for the one who ............ is just not for me!!

I did not recieve flowers or chocolate in months!! DEEEEP SIGH

I wonder what my husband will be like, will he listen to me? will he care about me enough? will he (do) or (care to do) or (spend time to do) the things i like?

I believe in love before marriage strongly, but i dont know the signs of real love yet!!

I have been feeling like this for months now, specially that this is all what everyone (freinds and family) is talking about, marriage marriage marriage!!

I wish i never finished school,, i dont wanna grow up!! in fact a palm reader 3 years ago told me that my life is short,, (i do not believe her) but i really donno if i wanna live a long life..

I just realised that what i wrote sounds more like random bullet points, anyway it delivers what i want it to deliver..

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Vandross no more!

Luther died @ 54
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If you love R&B, then you would know how big is this loss.
He did have many complications health wise, and so everyone expected that his "dance with my father" hit is the last..

you might like to visit the following to listen to it..


Accept my dedication of "Here&now" by Luther to all of you dear bloggers!!


Friday, July 01, 2005

My Turn!

So my dear Hibbalicious Tagged me..

Warning: i read arabic books because i enjoy them more, and you may find the following wierd..

Number of the books i own:

I own more than 20 novels and around 20 educational and scientific books

Five books that mean alot to me (i travel no where without them):

رياض الصالحين
الاحكام المفيدة من الاقوال السديدة
تفسير الاحلام من الالف الى الياء

A book i am reading now but did not finish:

بروتوكولات حكماء صهيون

i would like to tag
Jameed if he was reading this :)
Shopaholic when she gets back to UK