Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I am still not used to my new life, but i will keep hanging on i guess!!
"my other choice is to flee this country but lets keep that on the side for now"

I was tagged by the gorgeous HIBBA.
BUT i am not going to answer everything so here we go:

15 years ago: we were hiding in our houses worried about my dad and my uncles.. things were crazy and we lost everything we "owned".. i still rememeber how my mom insisted on shopping in jam3iya as if things were normal.. i think she was very close of getting arrested on several occasions..

10 years ago: i was helping an old lady cross the street but when crossing back i was hit by a car LOL.. "yeah no one trust me on their life"

1 year ago: my life was boring to death, i started hating uni and everything about my life "depression period"

tomorrow: i am having a girl's night out with my mates " i wish everyone was in kuwait though ekh"

5 snacks i enjoy: well i love food, i enjoy everything, but chocolate and busicuits are the top ones.. add to that pears and mini carrots

5 artisits: Luther Vandross, Toni Braxton..... enough

TV shows: i cant recall all my favourites but basically :my wife and kids, fresh prince of bel air, south park. STRICTLY COMEDY COS LIFE IS ALREADY MISERABLE

If i had 100 million: with out any doubt, i would give half of it to the poor and needy in africa and asia but the other half i would go and buy an island "that is like a dream LOL"

speaking about the poor,,, i really sometimes wish i can give everyone i see some money,, i am not talking about any one, i am talking about very old ppl in the street trying to sell you things.. it just breaks my heart every second walla..

Saturday, August 20, 2005


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Considering the fact that ppl in kuwait enjoy parking behind you and on your right and on your left and right IN-FRONT OF YOU!!! when there is no proper parking made for a public building, i would do anything to kick their a$$e$.
It has happened twice and i was trapped in my car for 30 minutes!! in the sun!! near a governmental building..
can i put this sign on my car? can i can i can i ????
i am such an impatient lady. i truely am..

Also can i say WOW!??? how many new buildings are coming up near shwaikh and other areas? mashallaaaaaa.. i am losing my way easily, i take Gulf Street to go to sharq and stuff and i look on my left 100 times to make sure i am not going somewhere else LOL.

Oh and seriously if someone lit the high beam "to blind you" when you were on the left lane driving 120, do u move away for them? well i didnt and i think i got sworn @. but i didnt care cos if he wants to die i dont!!!! GEEEEEEEEE. crazy world

Friday, August 12, 2005

No Title "personal"

Yesterday I did something cruel: I turned down someone, lets call him “T”, for a marriage proposal. We know each other for a long time. My family met his when we moved into their House during “ghazou” since then our families got close. Me and him went to the same school since I was 2nd grade. “I think he was 5th grade or something” till high school. Then he studied in Jordan and I went to the UK. But we never parted from each other using all means of communications, I know all his girlfriends and he knows everything about me.

Yesterday I saw him very briefly! He is a pilot now and he works really hard. He is wonderful and loving. Thing is we never ever confessed love. I personally never felt it but apparently he has been like this for the fifth year this year.

Our mom’s are close friends “best friends in fact” they kinda know about T’s feelings but they think we are too young to think about marriage. He is 25 this year so its fine but I am YOUNGER LOL..

Anyway after seeing me last night he texted me and stuff and he wants his mom to come to our house and talk it with my mom “without the dads for now”.. I texted him back of how much I love his mom and respect her so I’d hate it for her to come and be turned down..

He acted normally as if I did not say anything, but I am sure what I said will guarantee me never receiving texts from him, he has dignity after all…

I lost my childhood friend forever. I still donno why I refused him!! But I am too scared to marry him.. I never thought of him like that.. damn I cant.. I surely cant.. he is more than nice but I CANTTTTTTTT…….

Friday, August 05, 2005


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First i miss you all really very much, second, here is a picture of a statue in Jounieh where me and my family stayed for a week =) we went all over lebanon this time "west, east south and north"

My favourite night was "nahr el fonon"

I did not prepare anything to post here but everyone knows how eventful this month has been; a king died and "thekra el ghazou" passed... Therefore i wont be selfish and talk about me..

This is my first post to be written outside the UK, it feels weird not blogging from my desk but from my laptop on my lap LOL..

C ya soon :)
hopefully with more bictures ;)