Monday, October 23, 2006


Such a beautiful day to celebrate Eid Al Fitr, i started mine nicely, hope i end it so too. only this eid is gonna pass without my 4 grandparents, i wish all of them were hear, all i want is sit next to them, listen to everything they have, drink tea with them, give them a huge hug that says how much i miss them!
May god bless the dead and the alive..

waking up knowing you're not going to work tastes sweet, even though i know in the back of my mind i am working Thursday lol, who cares!!

Shopa wish u were here! PERFECT time and weather for chale’

Happy eid people..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Allergy OR Flu!! and things i cant stand..

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This converstaion takes place twice every month between me and my General Practitioner!!

Me: Doc i have a headache, sore throught, runny nose and i feel like i wanna sleep forever!

Doc: yeah thats flu!

Me: but Doc i DID take a flu shot that should scientifically protect me 6 good months from any flu viruses, i have ALLERGY to many things its allergy i know it i was diagnosed before with it and the proof is that only Anti-histamine works with me!!!

Doc: no no its just flu dont make a big deal of it.

Me (talking to myself) : oh just go to hell how about that..

At the end he gives me my prescription and it says : bla bla, panadol extra and..... ta da "anti-histamine" !!!!!!!!!!

So why does not he admit i have allergy, he wants to act smart all the time.

Anyway dont ask why i keep going to only him, those are personal reasons lol.

I am so happy i found time to shop today, shopping is absolutely way better in the morning, i like going out at night but i cannot buy stuff if 100 other women are in the same 10 square meter!!

Things i cannot stand a male/female do around me:

1. chewing gum while being around me.

2. bad english or arabic grammar.

3. singing along a song NOT knowing the correct lyrics.

4. diagnosing their sleves with diseases or syndromes according to something they read on a website and not checked by a physician?!?!