Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A street's name

A street name
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Use Your imagination!!

Update: Check this out (http://www.britannia.com/tours/york/york43.html)

Monday, June 27, 2005

I am thinking of something!!

Basically the kuwaiti bloggers in the UK are a handful:

Walla i am thinking of a mini blogger meet-up as kuwaitis..

BUT shopa is not here
and we are scattered all around the country :(

Anyway it was a thought.. maybe we can do it actually if someone helps me organise it???

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

F is For..

Fucking hell,

Ok you guys i do know that my display name is probably the worst on the internet so far But that is cos i didnt even spend more than a minute thinking of something!

But i knew the day will come when i put a slightly longer name,, so Call me lolwa, wath7a, altaf, anything you want but pls I AM a Female! not a MALE..

Just thought i point it out cos no one bothers reading profiles..

Anyway i chose Exceer.. Cos it has a nice meaning..


Monday, June 20, 2005


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First time i had a meal there was in the one in london in Holland Park Avenue, a dear friend of mine took us(me and another friend) there.
I was so happy when they opened one in my area, becuase the food there is Yummy.
It is not the best italian but it is surely different. So far i have been going there all the time since TGI (My ultimate as you may know)is like an hour away from my house.
I was not able to get a better picture of what i wanted to show but here is the side of the street where Zizzi is :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

New Job

I started my new job today, basically my job is to help school students undertsand their higher education options, so i (with Andrea the BOSS) go around schools in the UK to give talks and then questionnaires to YEAR 12's (equivalent to rab3a thanawy) so that they learn how to use different universities prospectuses..

This morning we drove to a school near leeds. The school was really huge and the students were amazingly clever and polite (unlike schools near my area). Also, it was like 50% of the student were way taller ( much much taller) than i am, they also were huge (what is it with the hormones in the new generations???). I seriously thought "damn they can crush me and not even notice".

Anyway, it went absolutely fine and the teachers were really sweet but ever so busy.
Brought back my GCSE year memories :)
We ruled the school cos we were "the seniors" and broke all the laws you can think of.. Now That Was Life

Monday, June 13, 2005


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So so so, they really are gonna split!
I have attended one performance last week in sheffield, did not blog about it cos i had no pictures to put up..

Destiny's Child (loving it tour) is their last ever (i am so glad i went)

They announced the split in spain 2 days ago and pledged sisterly devotion

Their final performances will conclude in USA kicking off 9th july

The fact that i have been a fan from day one, makes this as sad as hearing TakeThat split up news years ago

P.S. the concert in sheffield hallam arena (last in UK tour) was FAB i danced and sang and had lotsa fun.
Backup dancers were extremely talented (specially AISHA!!)
Male dancers were ever so sexy

Play Field

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Oh, i cannot believe i lived in this area for a year and did not know i had a play field 10 meters away from my block!

My friend was like come i wanna show you something, we walked through high trees and covered fences and we reached this amazing HUGE field where there were all sorts of slides, swings, climbing walls and rope walking games!! the games were so sophisticated that it took us a while to realise what was the purpose of some of them :P

Have not been a kid for a while and i have to say they have evolutionized those games.

We played everything that can hold our huge bodies (compared to the actual kids who are supposed to play :P)
I took a picture of the slide cos my friend tricked me into going first to (wipe dry) the slide after the rain for her, HUH.. amma get her..

Actually "devilish smile" she did fall twice while we were playing. bss mo 7obti :P

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bits AnD Pieces

Since the 27 of may, i have been doing the following:

2pm-12am: Take care of my freind who broke his ankle while pursuing the foot-fucking-ball
(Get well soon Carlos, i mean really really soon).
12am-4am: Watch tele.
4am-11am: Sleep.
11am-2pm: Do everything a girl needs to do ..

My room is FULL of books, folders, research papers and everyday i trip or fall over them and think tomorrow i will sort them out!!

I need to be taken care of, i have been wanting to go here since last april..
i deserve it the most NOW though, if i remained breathing tomorrow, i will call for an appointment..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


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Does anybody keep these t.shirts anymore?
I found it in our closet last summer and thought how the hell did this survive the war (ghazou) when my toys didnt for example!!
I decided to bring it to here (UK) and wear it indoors only for obvious reasons :P
Anyway i think its such a cute t.shirt.. not only is dark blue my favourite color (clothes wise), but also i think this logo is just so cool.. when i was a kid, this logo was part of my life.
I mean just look at that pretty happy camel :D

Sunday, June 05, 2005


I booked my ticket to go home, it is a bit early but i dont care.
For the first time in 4 years i book a one way ticket!
It has just hit me that i am not coming back to england..
Many people i know who were in the USA, when they returned to kuwait said they had depression for a month or 2 cos of the change and cos they didnt find decent jobs for a year and a half. i really donno if i will get depression but i have planned carefully what i wanna do incase i dont find a job soon enough.

Anyway i cant wait for the summer holiday to begin
actually that is a lie, i cant wait for my Graduation Ceremony Day :D

Saturday, June 04, 2005

ice cream

ice cream
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Venice doesnt only offer you the best scenery in europe but also quality delicious speciality ice cream. since summer IS gonna arrive the uk -i am praying sometime soon after todays crazy rain- i thought i'd put this up :)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Cheap Attempt

Last night someone I know has tried to deceive me devilishly, I was stunned to know that this skullduggery was pulled by him!
It is a good lesson for me to realize who is trustworthy and who is not (I am apparently running out of honest people in my life).
It also amazes me how some people are not happy with the roles allocated to them in this life but try to acquire another fake role to play in other spare times!!
Good job; you are a certified fool MR. Big a**

Certainly, I did not fall for a second for the pulled-act, I knew from moment one something was wrong,, I guess this person forgot that I can play a whole country but cannot be played by any creature..

Praise to my dear god for giving me the brainzZz for it..