Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Jubilee

My beautiful country
May we always breathe freedom
in you
ya a7la balad

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I want this to work!

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I met someone and i want it work for a change! I dont want to live in the shadows of my old relationship(s) anymore even though its impossible to completely forget the long term one!!

Funny thing is the more i grow up (in age) the less clear my perspective into intimate relationships gets, or so do i believe!! cos everyday i learn something new about dealing with the opposite sex.

Rushing into things is NEVER my way into a serious relationship, but these days you would be taken as a reluctant person when you act that way rather than cautious..

I think turning 25 is not as fun i thought it is.. i will give it another month to judge though lol as of i can turn age back..

Friday, May 02, 2008

الدائرة الاولى

Still not sure if i should use my 4 voices or shall i vote only to the two that i already chose..

I am not keen on attending colloquiums this year, cos most of them are repeating the same talk they said in 2006, so i will vote for people i know deserve a chance in the next parliment "looking at past achievement and not present jabbering".

Also personally i think that if i had to listen to their blabbering, believe it or not it may actually deter me from voting for them, specially if i felt that they are trying to earn the crowds empathy by "acting" like they will whole-heartedly adopt unsolved sensitive issues our community faces.. i.e. Education, Health, Bedoun, Corruption... etc

Update on 7th May:

already excluded a candidate due to some reasons that i cant ignore!

ببساطة لا استطيع ان اتجاهل الحركة "الغبية" التي قام بها مؤخرا و التي اججت البلاد و كادت تودي بالجميع , مع انني في البداية كنت قد فكرت بها من مبدأ انها حريته الفكرية و هو حر بالتعبير عن نفسه و أن القضاء سيحاسبه بلا شك ان كان قصده الاساءة أو المضرة و لكن يجب ان افكر في مدى تأثير قراراته على حياة الناس الذين على الاقل صوتوا له

بالاضافة الى ان اجندته التي سيتبناها و التي يبدو ان ركيزتها تقوم على الاوضاع الاقتصادية و المال العام .....الخ الخ الخ و هي امور مع احترامي و حرصي على مستقبل البلد لا تعنيني بقدر ما تعنيني: الصحة , التعليم , البدون ....الخ الخ

ندوة الافتتاح كانت رديئة!!! تنظيما و اشرافا و للاسف مضمونا
it simply sucked and as for a previous member of the parliament, you would expect something much more sophisticated, and for god's sake dont suck up to people through reading endless chapters of the Quran!! stop using religion like that.. what hurts is that old women fall for these things!! i mean we are talking about 60% of the total of votes..

أخيرا, أقام هذا النائب ندوته في "براحة" بيت شخص ما أتقبله للاسف!! بعلمي كان ضده في 2006 لذا مالذي طرأ الان

السبب الاهم عاد: حان الوقت لاعطاء الفرصة لاخر

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

عنتر يا حاميها " مهرجان الخرافي المسرحي"

Jeel Wa3i
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Again and Again,

They proved this year that they are the best so far. Excellent performance and a fantastic combination of ideas, with the fact that it IS purposeful !!!!!!! unlike all the shameful performances that took place on the second and third days ....

I stood for an hour and a half and it was worth it, completely forgot to take pictures and i am mad about that...

Bravo Jeel Wa3i and Inshalla tfozoon :-D

Monday, December 24, 2007

A question?

How many women out there realise "before they go to sleep" that they have been sexually abused wether by husbands or boyfriends?

And if they do are they doing anything about it?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sharq, Kuwait

Sharq, Kuwait
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This Picture was taken from the 14th floor in Ahmad's Tower "Gulf Street"

I never ever knew there was a football playfield existing close to the Dasman diabetes centre! i was told it belongs to a school nearby there..

Friday, November 16, 2007

I am so lonely

I am homesick..
I found my first boyfriend ever "high school" on facebook, we chatted for so long about what happened in our last 7 years since we parted.. it feels real good to be able to be friends now..

I am longing for someone whome i should stop thinking about cos its so wrong, and a third person is trying to get close to me and i am sort of allowing them "being extra super scared about it", with all this taking place, i still feel so lonely and i just wanna cry.

Damn, i remember the last time i was feeling like this, it was in the UK "2 years ago", and even though i was deeply in love with my boyfriend over there, i still had those moments.

I am worried that i will never be secured emotionally,, and i am more worried what that will mean if i ever decided to get married!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maternity hospital

bed sampling
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Where else would you find beds in the Corridor lying like that!!

If this is part of the "hygenic" cleaning process then lets all pray for the people sleeping in that ward..

Kindly, notice the variety of bed shapes and sizes available by the ministry to the very dear citizens..

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Coulda Woulda Shoulda are...

I could have been an amazing pianist, or a brilliant Author, or a great tennis player, or a terrific poet, or even a stunning actress....

If only i have kept any of the above hobbies of which i had as a teenager...

who could have known what their future is bringing them,i certainly had/have no clue what will my life hold for me...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

dismantling my car

dismantling my car
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like ever, i take my car into "wakala" to get something adjusted then i find out they are fixing an irrelevant piece, i walked in and took pictures of my old AC panel, was not this dirty before the workers handled it :P

BTW, it originally went in for adjusting the stereo panel, they did not do that, they instead changed the AC panel...