Thursday, October 27, 2005


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Not a fan of halloween parties, but i have this abstruse love for pumpkins.. I prefer having some flowers planted in a pumpkin like pot and it would look extremely cute, but those candle holders will do for this year ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What's new??

Besides smoking myself to death in the past couple of nights, i have been thinking about the world alot lately, specifically about the flu pandemic that will hit us sooner or later wether we liked it "or prepared for it" or not..

Obviously we are not prepared AT ALL, we are waiting for the mercy of USA and UK,, our ministry of health spent 15 million$ on purchasing the vaccine "that we are not sure it will prevent the flu anyway, at least that is my own idea"

I am not offering any solutions in this post for the failure of the medicine field in our arabian world, but at least i think it is good that Jordan for example has established a special committee for this issue trying to figure out what to do!

Where are the experts in Kuwait my brain is wondering? are they not scared?


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Q8 Customs

Q8 Customs
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Exceer hates bitching, but this time she just had it..

Where do i start, first thing comes to my mind is how did i ship 6 full boxes "each is 1m cubic" from the UK and recieved 4 of them only!!

Apparently space is an important issue for customs "people", so when they searched my things "by throwing each item on the floor" they decided that there is alot of space to just move my things without my permission to 4 boxes and just tear the other 2 into pieces!! not even give them to me but tear them into PIECES!!!

My dad witnessed all of this and we both were furious coz of this s**t, but its things they have to do "the savage way" you cannot argue!!

I was a fool to use anything else but DHL.. this is the biggest mistake i have done in 4 years..

Look at the boxes how torn and s**t they look, my things are lying around them as well, the other 2 boxes are in the back seat..