Thursday, April 20, 2006

قصابي مي كَريست

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May God Bless the hearts of the people working in this bank :)
While sane people like my friend "Shopaholic" are getting rid of their high limit credit cards, I on the other hand called NBK last night @ the "HALA WATANI" service and told them i want the Golden MC because i am going on a holiday. The guy was like choose any limit you want :P

Goodness me i was thinking how much would be enough for greedy me! Anyway finally he gave me 5000 kd.

I am taking Farsi language course now, finally i am going to be able not only understand, but also write and speak it :D
But this new teacher of ours "who replaced khanom Laila our brilliant teacher" is like very strict with us, he is new to kuwait only been here for 2 months so he hardly knows the kuwaiti mentality.. my assignment was to listen to a news forecast over the past 5 days and give a report of them, of course i sat there listening to 576 AM and understood hardly 3 words maybe!!! i didnt give him reports last week, so i stood out as the worst student so far.. i told him "ustad, i still dont understand long complicated sentences" but
لا حياة لمن تنادي
so what he did yesterday was even worse, he started giving us Farsi poems!! not poems about trees and birds, but about
العشق و الغزل
and all the metaphores we had in Arabic you know!!i mean is he serious!! i have to admit they are nice but !! we are only stage 2!!!

Anyway it is Thursday which means gym.. so khodahafez ;)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Its been sometime

I actually never thought i'd want to write here again, i've experienced really tough times in the past couple of months but i am trying to recover.
I temporarily went through a stage where i have lost interest in work, hobbies, friends, family, life in general in fact, but my mind needs to wake up and see how wrong this is..

This is a meaningless long weekend!!! most of our family and friends dont even know it is the prophets birth anniversary!!! no one deserves a holiday in this country.