Sunday, November 19, 2006

Why my BP is high today

Without any respect for any age. Because adults are intentially meant here.

F**k the fact that some people still wouldnt agree to their son's marrying a girl from a different islamic sect.

F**k that very much. Its destroying young dreams and it turns them into senseless creatures because they were not justified. I still cant believe that we have amongst us people who are that retarded, and wouldnt even give a single chance to others!

نصيحتي لكل اولئك: لا تعتقدوا ان الله فضلكم على غيركم حيث اننا جميعا سندخل نفس الجهنم و نفس الجنة. فلا توجد جنة الشيعي و جنة السني و لا جهنم الشيعي و جهنم السني
And God forbid i become a stupid retard ever in my life.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Originally uploaded by iamF.
I should try to notice the speed i am at while hitting another car or the other way round..

Thanks to the stupid drivers in kuwait
"majorly fu**ing buses, taxis, and those little 1960's cars driven by people who never saw a car in their lives"
i hit my car at least once a month now.