Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bits AnD Pieces AGAIN

Damn, it is sooo hard to tell someone that you dont love them!! specially if they fell in love with you in 1998!!

At the same time, it is true what they say, you always go for the wrong person, the heart is such an idiot muscle "sometimes", it can completely desire the wrong ones!!

If only my heart was able to love that person, i know he will treat me like a queen!! But NOOO, i go for the one who ............ is just not for me!!

I did not recieve flowers or chocolate in months!! DEEEEP SIGH

I wonder what my husband will be like, will he listen to me? will he care about me enough? will he (do) or (care to do) or (spend time to do) the things i like?

I believe in love before marriage strongly, but i dont know the signs of real love yet!!

I have been feeling like this for months now, specially that this is all what everyone (freinds and family) is talking about, marriage marriage marriage!!

I wish i never finished school,, i dont wanna grow up!! in fact a palm reader 3 years ago told me that my life is short,, (i do not believe her) but i really donno if i wanna live a long life..

I just realised that what i wrote sounds more like random bullet points, anyway it delivers what i want it to deliver..


At 4:40 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Purgatory said...

is it that time of the month where you feel you need attention?

At 5:00 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger A. Mendès said...

Wow, harsh comment. I hope you know each other.

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog.


At 6:10 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger jameed said...

hehe part of the month!

well first, instead of palm readers, i suggest

and flowers and chocolates? please; i dated my wife for 5 years and we have been married for 4, that's 9 years total, and i think she only got a rose from me 3 years after we started dating. flowers are such a waste.

good luck

At 7:26 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Purgatory said...

Not harsh, she knows what I mean :)

At 7:36 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Exceer said...

Purg : no, it is not actually, you can call it general complaining! usually busrts out when you encounter a situation that gives you the willies.. (like getting calls from ppl u dont want rather than the ppl who should call)

A.mendes: long time no see!

At 7:38 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Exceer said...

Jameed: I am sure you showed your affection in a different way! other wise any woman would think twice of marrying someone who is not romantic enough for them..

At 8:07 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Exceer said...

When i talked about flowers and chocolate i was actually (atra7am 3ala) el school days.. i am not that shallow to measure love with material things !!

At 9:05 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Raheel said...

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At 9:05 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Raheel said...

Those palm readers are jerks. And keep searching, inshallah you will find your love.

btw there are 4 marriages allowed in Islam. LOL

At 9:16 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger The Don ® said...

Part of our culture is pressure.. when you are born, they ask “when is she gonna get her first tooth?”, then “when is she gonna have her first step?” then “when is she gonna take off diapers?”, then “when is she gonna start school?” then you will have a good amount of break from people’s mouths and judgments here.. but it won’t last very long.. soon they’ll start again.. “when is she gonna graduate from high school?” then “where is she gonna study?”. Then “when is she gonna graduate college”, then “when is she gonna start working?”, then “when is she gonna get married?”, do you think it ends there ?? unfortunately not.. they will go on.. “when is she gonna have her first kid?”.. “when is she gonna have another kid?”…. Etc..

I guess last but not least, “when is she gonna die?”

These people have no life but look at others and talk about them.. Welcome to the Sand Box.. :)

At 10:11 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger True Faith said...


Sweetie every girl feels like that in summer because it is the engagement season ... And you get that question from every body around you ... I have been getting such questions since my little sister's engagement ... and it is really annoying ... I don't want to get married now it's not the right time for me to do.

I don't think that marriage is a thing that people should give that big attention as they are doing here in Kuwait ... A girl in that age and not married yet "Why not?".

At 10:39 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I think I am confused enough. I don’t want to think about those things no more. AHHHHHHH!!!
Exceer dear, why do we share a lot of things? HMmm I don’t know.
What if he is Mr. Right and I just don’t realize it? How do you know when you are in love? Ok. I will stop.

At 11:25 AM, July 04, 2005, Blogger hibbalicious said...

Jameed- how about romanticise ur wife and all dude keep the sparks alive my parents have been married ummmmm maybe 29 years and he still buys her flowers and chocolates and tthats not just after a fight lol.

Exceer - I also beleive in love b4 marriage however sometimes it can be over rated u know lol i was gonna say think about this right - you can 'love' someone but how do you know that itys real love until you love someone else - lol what im trying to say is this you might 'beleive' your in love but when u meet someone you might realise you didnt really love the other person like you thought - thats why it hink love b4 marriage can be a little ummm not good lol

At 2:06 PM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Sailor said...

may be he needs more attention from u ! .. a man could give everything he`s got if u make him feel like that u care about him and his situation at the moment he talks about his problem , if u do that , he`ll surely bring you a whole garden . a man could be a baby sometimes .

At 7:37 PM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Exceer said...

Rah, the marriage of 4 wives is for men not us LOL

Don, My family thank god does not put or even cause this type of pressure! my family is different to an extent that my parents said: you can find the one you want but make sure he is worth you. the problem comes from the surrounding society like TF said: the friends who are being engaged..

At 7:40 PM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Exceer said...

TF, There is not a single word that you said wrong! you actually completed my inner thoughts here :) thanks for understanding me..

Shopa: this is what i wanna know too! how on earth can you tell true love? i dont mean passion only, but love that will keep a couple together for years and years..

At 7:44 PM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Exceer said...

Hibba, Exactly, again you have completed my "string of thoughts"..

Sailor, with all my respect to the fellow MALES, "men are big babies" this is a long time standing fact :)

At 9:17 PM, July 04, 2005, Blogger Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I guess we can't tell if it is true love.

At 5:47 AM, July 05, 2005, Blogger jameed said...

Allah ysamhik, I didn;t suggest you were shallow. I know you are a little bit deeper than chocolates and flowers...maybe a dinner and a piece of jewlery ;-)

At 11:31 AM, July 05, 2005, Blogger Exceer said...

Jameed :P


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